Blunt Edge Films also produces feature length dramas. These drama productions help to get the message out to the wider public concening damagings myths and misinformation about sexual abuse.

Based upon real life stories they focus on the little we know as a society about sexual abuse and just how wide spread it actually is. This secrecy is fuelled by shame and guilt. Furthermore it is perpetuated by a society that struggles to openly discuss sexual abuse.

Its simple. If we openly discuss sexual abuse in a healthy and informed way then the perpetrators of sexual abuse will think twice about believing that they can go comfortably undetected. By opening up discussion, as we have successfully done concerning domestic abuse over the last twenty years, we can challenge the penumbra world of secrecy where sexual abuse thrives.

The Prison of Silence is a feature length drama and follows the lives of two men from entirely different backgrounds and their quest for hope and salvation …

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The Bite of the Vampire

‘The Bite of the Vampire’ – Due for release October 2022

A new feature drama ‘The Bite of the Vampire’ has now been completed with an anticipated release date of October 2022. It is a harrowing story that follows the ongoing struggles of Thomas Smith, as he battles against the myths, prejudice and misinformation that surrounds sexual abuse. It is a modern day tale that carries a stark warning for us all.

The Bite of the Vampire due for release October 2022
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