was formed in 2010 and  involves a range of creative professionals with a background in film production.  Blunt Edge Films engages men who have been sexually abused and provides creative opportunities and the technical know how for them to tell their stories using film.   We want to shine a light into the penumbra world of sexual abuse to help prevent and eradicate this serious problem within society.

Blunt Edge Films – Beyond Social Comment

Survivors Stories

Blunt Edge Films, in collaboration with Operation Emotion, have now produced a number of films entitled ‘Survivors Stories.’

These compelling short films focus on the enormous consequences of sexual abuse, whilst sharing individual stories about hope and recovery. The aim of these films is to educate and inform society about sexual abuse and dispel myths, stereotyping and misinformation.

‘Survivors Stories’  features a selection of comments from episodes of the Operation Emotion Survivors Stories depositions.  All information contained within relates to actual crimes and real life events.


Is a feature length drama and  follows the lives of two men from entirely different backgrounds and their quest for hope and salvation.

It is a story about the damaging effects of trauma caused by sexual abuse …

And how this has a lasting and detrimental effect on men’s lives …

It is also a story of  institutional failure …

And the damage that sexual abuse can have on relationships.

If you would like to book a screening of this film please contact us on 07837 321514.

Other films now available

‘Burying the Monster‘ is an exploration of the criminal justice system involving historic sexual abuse – Performed by Paul Green of The Stage Struck Theatre Company