Evaluation Film & Documentary

also produces promotional films and snap evaluations for local community organisations and charities.

We specialise in helping you get your message across to a wider audience.

As people who also work in the voluntary sector, we understand the complex issues that this sector faces.

We also cover live music and performing arts with a multi camera crew. Here is a short promotional film we produced for the Freedom Fields Community Festival 2016.

The 5-7 Group

The 5-7 group is a film that details the hopes, fears and aspirations of a group of older women living in Montreal Quebec. The 5-7 group succinctly explains why there is so much more to life in your nineties.

The Story of BILC

The Story of BILC is a feature length fly on the wall archive documentary film project, that follows the work of a British non governmental organisation back in 1991 after the fall of the Ceaușescu dictatorship. It documents the liberation of young people from Bucharest’s notorious state run orphanages in the ensuing post revolutionary chaos.    It is a story of hope and international collaboration against all the odds …

Blunt Edge Films

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